Friday, September 02, 2005

Antiabortion Militants Outraged: Planned Parenthood Helps Out

Apparently militant antiabortion activist Jim Sedlak thinks refugees from Katrina who have lost everything should have to pay for reproductive health services -- even if they are raped -- or (heaven forbid), happen to be so fortunate as to have consensual sex.

Antiabortion leader Sedlak is outraged that Planned Parenthood of Houston is providing a free month of birth control pills and free emergency contraception to refugees from Katrina. He considers is a "publicity stunt" -- and issued a national press release to say so:

"While Planned Parenthood's latest stunt is disgusting and utterly inappropriate, it is not surprising," said Sedlak of STOPP International, a subsidiary of the American Life League. "The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood is out to promote its own agenda and will stop at nothing to take advantage of an opportunity to do so... the organization is exploiting one of the worst natural disasters in American history for cheap publicity by offering one month's supply of free birth control and so-called emergency contraception to victims of Katrina.

Here is the real story:

Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas has announced that it "is working closely with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta (PPLAMD) to ensure that individuals from Louisiana can continue to get birth control and other reproductive health services during the current crisis. PPLAMD provides services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. As of August 30th, the Baton Rouge clinic has re-opened, New Orleans has not. Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas has offered to those fleeing Hurricane Katrina one free cycle (one month) of birth control or one free Emergency Contraception kit to women presenting to a PPHSET clinic with a valid Louisiana or Mississippi driver's license."

Donations to help Louisiana Planned Parenthood can be made here.


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