Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Discussion of Eternal Hostility

Well, life intervened and the online discussion didn't quite happen. The organizer wasn't able to post the diary on The Daily Kos at the scheduled time, and it looks like most people missed it. Still, I am honored by shock's summary of the text. It was and is deeply gratifying to see how well he read the book and the excellent summary he presented. Thank you shock, for all of your efforts and the many kind words.

Its possible that the discussion will be rescheduled. If I hear about it, I will post something here. But anyone can check here to find out about a new discussion time, or anything else about The Daily Kos Reading Club.

(By the way, there is currently an effort to bring me to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC for a mini-speaking tour in October. Anyone who would like to help, let me know and I will put you in touch with the organizer.)


Blogger Bruce Wilson said...

I was late to the discussion, but Shock's cover was a dedicated piece of work. I left this comment on the thread discussion:

"As I've learned about the Christian right/Christian supremacist movement ( AKA Dominionism and Christian reconstructionism ) I've gained an appreciation for Frederick Clarkson's focus on the secular foundation of US government and on the religious right's use of the mechanisms of electoral democracy in it's seizure of power. Many on the US left focus on GOP dirty tricks - rigged voting systems, for example - while forgetting that such tricks only became possible for the left's ceding of local political fields. In other words, the religious right hustled to attain local political control, and that - in turn - made possible control of state legislatures and electoral mechanisms....

And all the while the left slept on, dreaming of magical pendulums whose impetus would restore the political balance - as if human effort had nothing to do with the equations of power."

9:41 AM  
Blogger Sunfell said...

I was at a legislative conference, (still am at this writing), so I couldn't bang the drum either. Perhaps we can try again after Labor Day.

11:11 AM  

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