Friday, May 13, 2005

On the Value of Health Care

A very special thanks to Robert Parham for his article in Ethics Daily on Looking First Hand at America's Health Care Crisis.

Robert is undergoing treatment for leukemia and writes from his first-hand experience with the sticker shock associated with the astronomical costs of his health care and medicines.

America has been in a health care crisis for more than a decade. Too many of us have closed our eyes to the needs of brothers and sisters who have lost health insurance, have inadequate health insurance, or have never attained the elite status of being covered by health insurance.

I've talked about this issue with many moderate Baptist laity and deacons who are completely blind to this ever expanding problem. Most Baptist clergy, both moderate and fundamentalist, are very much aware of the problem but few feel convicted to speak out about it. In too many minds universal access to health care has become associated with "communist" or "socialist" ideals that have been derided as creating a "nanny" state. They are not much convicted to speak out against the stern-father "police" state that has been created since 9-11 either.

Perhaps Robert Parham and others like him will help some of us find our voice on this issue.


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