Friday, May 13, 2005

Amway's Victims

I suspected that Amway was a pyramid scheme with a lot of hapless victims. Too many fundamentalist ministers that I knew were so heavily invested and so blindly committed to it that it was impossible for them to make objective judgments about it.

Now, thanks to Bill Berkowitz at the Working for Change website, I've got a statistic to quote for the success rate of Amway distributors. Here it is:

"99 percent of those recruited into Amway Quixtar motivational organizations lose money."

So who is making money? The article says a Dateline investigation confirmed that,

"The company is merely a front for a hidden pyramid business based on selling books, tapes, and registrations to seminars and rallies to new recruits, with nearly all participants losing money."

I encourage readers to scan Berkowtiz article and download the free book mentioned in the article.

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Blogger Sunfell said...

I am so not surprised. I was roped into trying out being an Amway salesman, and it seemed that there were more meetings, books, tapes, etc. that I had to pay for than anything. When I sat down and did the math- just on the 'mandantory' meetings, and realized how much I would lose, I walked.

8:40 AM  

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